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About Utö Värdshus

Utö Värdshus

How it all began

The history of Utö Värdshus begins in the late 19th century when the island was sold to a well to do gentleman known as “Merchant Lewin”. Soon after his purchase, Lewin converted the northern portion of Utö from a sleepy mining community to a fashionable beach and spa resort complete with soirées and high society balls. Some of the more famous guests included the artist Anders Zorn, Hollywood film star Greta Garbo, author August Strindberg and even the Swedish music legend Evert Taube has performed and sung praises of our beautiful island.
And so it began.

Utö Värdshus has evolved into a year-round restaurant and conference resort which offers a variety of activities and events. Below follows a list of our owner history.
  • 1901 Miss Ada Carlsson
  • 1906 Restaurant Manager Ernst Pettersson
  • 1919 Miss Johanson
  • 1935 Misters Claussen, Willner and Sandberg
  • 1945 Herbert Lilliesköld
  • 1970 Carl Järnåsen
  • 1975 Facility Manager Per Hartman from The Foundation for Stockholm’s Archipelago
  • 1986 Restaurant Managers Bengt Mårdstam and Anna Carin Amsby Mårdstam
  • 1997 Anders Malm, Ola Mattson, Stefan Guldstrand and Staffan Beck

As you can see, the inn changed owners most recently in 1997 but strives towards the same ideals as in earlier years prioritizing delicious cuisine served in a friendly and personable environment. It is this vision that has awarded them an induction into the prestigious “Skärgårdssmak” or “Taste of the Archipelago” guide.